My Role as Business Coach & Mentor

I believe that business is conducted in two places being the HEAD and the HEART. The Head is all about the practical hands-on actions that occur inside your business. The Heart is about the passion belief and commitment that you bring to the business. It is only when HEAD and HEART are working together to create your dream business will you maximise the chances to achieve success.

However, what can happen as a business starts making positive gains, the HEAD and HEART separate. At this point your HEAD may start to dominate and take you in a direction different from where your HEART wants to go. Remember that where your HEAD goes does not necessarily mean that your HEART will follow. Once the connection is broken and the HEAD dominates, you could well find that you start “falling out of love” with your business.

In my role as your Business Coach & Mentor, I help you re-connect your HEART with your HEAD for where the HEART goes the HEAD will always follow. My approach as to how I will engage with you on the journey to re-establish the connection is outlined in the following table:

My Purpose: To help people & businesses realise their potential and deliver positive sustainable change

My Role: Teacher/Tutor/Guide/Partner

Our Relationship: Based on rapport, trust & respect and built on observation, feedback & conversations

Business Coach Mentor
I draw out the knowledge that resides within the client I share my knowledge with the client to transfer that knowledge
I challenge the client through the use of questions to create new understanding & perspective I share my stories, expertise & experiences to provide solutions & answers to the client
Our relationship is for an agreed time Our relationship will be ongoing
Our meetings are scheduled on a regular basis Our meetings take place as & when the client requires guidance & support
I focus on dealing with the specific immediate needs of the client I look at the broader picture to deal with the needs of the client over the longer term
The emphasis is on the actions required to be taken The emphasis is on reflection about what needs to be done