I believe success in business will be achieved in the coming years by those who build the strongest relationships with their clients. In reflecting on how businesses go about building such relationships, I paused to consider whether in this digital age when we are connected to each other through a wide variety of communication channels we are losing the art of listening.

Unfortunately, my conclusion is that many of us don’t listen anymore because we are too busy talking! In this digital age, we are having to process a cacophony of opinion and viewpoint bombarding us, much of which amounts to nothing more than shouting. This is encouraged by our increased use of social media, which is all about talking and telling and much less about listening. The impact of all this telling is that we stop considering what others have to say for there is no other view more important than my own.

The art of listening is just that – an art form that takes practice to perfect. Mastering it costs nothing but it can change your life for the better and make the people around you like and respect you even more.

Here are three simple lessons that you can apply to become a better listener:

  1. Listen to understand, not to respond – the duty of the listener is to be open-minded and reserve judgement until they truly understand what the speaker is saying
  2. Let them finish by patiently waiting for the speaker to make their point
  3. Use positive body language by leaning slightly forward implying both attention and interest

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