At a recent networking event, a prospective client made the following observation:

“To do what you do as a coach, you must have a deep sense of faith”

In all my years of coaching, this was the first time anyone had made this observation. As a result, I stopped in my tracks to reflect on what was the meaning of faith in the context of coaching & mentoring.

The following quote by Rhonda Laurtzin provides a beautiful summary of what the powerful notion of faith means to me:

“Our strong faith keeps us going when others might throw in the towel. And when I say faith, I am not referring to religion per se, but rather a deep seated belief that when we are fulfilling our purpose, things have a way of working out.

When times were challenging and there is little money to carry on, our faith gave us the determination, the persistence to overcome every obstacle. There were several occasions when it seemed the end had arrived, that we should give up and close the business. However, somehow, there was always this feeling of hope that there will be a solution, a miracle and that if we kept trying we will survive and prosper.”

From my experience, faith in my abilities and those of my clients is what inspires and motivates me to act. However having faith of itself is not enough…it is simply the first step on the long journey to success. It is the spark that will ignite you into action to move forward in creating the business you dream of creating

So if you are struggling with taking that leap of faith, reach out and connect with me as my purpose is to help you have the faith to take that leap.