The Chinese Philosopher Lao-Tzu coined the following phrase:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

In my view this beautifully simple sentence is designed to remind us of the vital importance of taking the first step in achieving our goals.

If we wait for things to happen then invariably nothing will happen. We have to take the initiative and act for once the first step is taken others will follow. From that first step we gain the confidence and motivation to continue along the journey to success. Also, the confidence gained from being on that the journey will help us overcome the inner voice of resistance, which so often holds us back.

And so it is last night that I took the first step in my coaching journey with the launch of my new business “Dare to Dream Business Coaching & Mentoring” at the Hilton Hotel in Adelaide. Surrounded by family friends and clients and with the rooming swirling with the buzz created from the sharing of inspirational stories of the businesses being created by my clients, my first step along this journey was a truly memorable one.

My thanks to all those attended, I truly valued and appreciated your contribution to the evening.