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After seeking help from varied business coaching avenues I never felt they really got me, my values and what success looked like for my life in business. After attending a presentation given by Duncan, his questions on ‘Why’ am I in the business I am in really resonated with me.
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My journey was no longer about fitting my work to a certain target market or commercial venture but actually finding the emotion to why I create the artworks I do and therefore connecting with the people who believe in my why and then will invest in my journey.  

During our sessions we worked on clarifying what Brooke Walker Fine art was really about, set actionable goals for the future and worked on building my confidence as a business person. The sessions are challenging at times, as Duncan doesn’t shy away from the tough questions, but this is where the growth occurs.  

Duncan has truly helped me to find my voice. I have more confidence both personally and in business and I am excited about what the future holds for Brooke Walker Fine Art.

Brooke Walker – Artist & Business Owner

I met Duncan Redman at a business lunch and our conversation led me to wanting to have a more detailed chat about my passion of magic and how I could make it a career.

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While I was confident in my ability as an entertainer I was unsure of whether I had what it took to go full time especially at the young age of 57!

Duncan spoke to me about doing what the Acapulco cliff divers do – a leaping off a cliff knowing that while daunting at the start the water would cover the rocks below when they landed. Duncan was confident that I had what it took to make my business a success and it was his confidence along with my wife and family’s support convinced me to ‘jump off my cliff’!

In my working life I had acquired sales and marketing skills and yet I still doubted my ability. The sessions I had with Duncan reinforced to me that if others in my network believed that I could then surely I must believe it too.

The sessions challenged my thinking and established new disciplines that I need to embrace to ensure I had a solid grounding for my new business to grow from. I needed to prepare for this growth and understand that as a business owner I had to remain focussed on why the business was started in the first place and the evolution that would occur as the business changed to take on new opportunities.

To have Duncan as my mentor has allowed me to take the first step in my own business with confidence, put a business plan in place that makes sense and by sticking to the plan be able to work on the business as well as in the business.

After 18 months my business has evolved from where it started and the future is looking very exciting with national and international opportunities being explored.

I have Duncan and his Dare to Dream business coaching and mentoring to thank!

Andrew Ormandy – Owner

After a honeymoon period, our business plateaued and we were finding it increasingly difficult to achieve any revenue growth and our motivation suffered.
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The personal and business benefits gained from coaching with Duncan have been invaluable. He challenged our attitudes and thinking, focusing not only on business goals but more importantly what purpose it provides for our lives. Duncan understood the problems we were seeing, assisted us to find options for change, and provided insightful feedback which energised our enthusiasm.

He helped us establish priorities, processes and to sharpen our focus on our ‘best fit’ market. With problems that previously seemed repetitively insurmountable, we have been able to find solutions which have built our problem solving skills and in turn added confidence to our decision making.

Our renewed confidence and enthusiasm resulted in us improving the financial performance of the business through finding the ‘right’ clients and improving the way we service them.

We thoroughly recommend Duncan as a resource which will ‘lift’ your business

Gary & Di Jackson– Owner’s

Prior to engaging Duncan as my business coach, questions like – am I doing the right thing? How should I approach potential clients? Who are my ideal clients?
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How do I follow up with people? – were continual barriers. I wasn’t sure if I was on the right path and I wasn’t sure where my passion lied and that was affecting my day to day productivity.

Through my six sessions with Duncan, he challenged me to get to the core of my motivation and hence see new possibilities for where I could take my business. I learnt about sales techniques, explored new markets for my services and set both professional and personal goals for the coming weeks, months and years.

After just a few sessions with Duncan I began to secure more meetings with high profile clients and now each month is better than the last (and the books can’t lie!).

Laura Tolson – Owner

I found Duncan’s approach to coaching thoughtful, challenging and fun. I now have clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality.
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He challenged my thinking about business and provided opportunities for self reflection along the way. He is a heartfelt person with a genuine interest in people and particularly those in small business.

Helen Roberts – Owner

FTL Estate Services

Duncan is a highly personable and caring individual. Duncan is also a very effective coach. I thought that my original reason for seeking out Duncan’s help was for me to be introduced to Duncan’s network of contacts to help me grow my business.
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Mission accomplished. However what followed shortly thereafter was a realisation, a “light bulb” moment. What I really needed was for Duncan to challenge me to find answers to questions around my role within the company, why was I here and why did I want to stay? In other words to help by coaching me to clarify the purpose of my job, what choices I have and whether or not these are aligned with my life goals.

Duncan used Socratic questioning to shift my thinking from strategy (head) to passion (heart) and back again. In this way I reframed how what I’m doing now contributes to my ultimate goal of working for an employer who really values the well-being of staff and their customers and who enables me to plan for retirement whilst still being completely engaged in my role along the way. At each step Duncan checked in with me to ensure that I maintained a commitment to change.

Richard Brown

When I decided to establish my own business, I had a number of issues to clear up in my head and also to develop a plan that made sense in the short, medium and long term. Using a mentor/coach helped this process enormously and provide regular feedback and clarity to my activities.
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In business it can be lonely in a small biz and coaching has assisted the life balance and associated understanding of desired directions as an owner, as a manager and the impact on family goals.

Objective and often personal discussion to get to the heart of an issue and providing a structure around the process and direction towards a plan of action.

Regular feedback and engagement with someone independent, like D2D to provide a regular platform for discussion, decision making and review. Over two years on and every meeting provides a formative, exciting discussion, interaction and development of actions. Well worth the expense!

Nick Haselgrove – Business Owner

Duncan was the first mentor I ever formally engaged, during a time when I was transitioning into a senior leadership role as the third generation family business owner.
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Duncan has an amazing ability to cut through the 20 outer layers of what you present to the world to get you to identify and confront the source at a deep level. He is a master at challenging your thinking, patterns and word choices, then works with you to implement the tools to affect a lasting change.

Duncan was able to isolate my focus to one single word and create a vision board that is still at the core of my progress and growth professionally and personally. In addition, our Board of Directors worked with Duncan to create a business plan in a manner that would suit a long standing business that had never had any formal strategic planning. Duncan clearly has a passion for business and his heart, integrity and commitment is evident with every interaction. The skills and tools that he has provided me have proven to be of benefit to my businesses, my other employment and my personal life.

Cathi Buttfield – Director

I had a school teacher who taught me to believe….I had a dance teacher who taught me to fly.
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In my business, Duncan Redman is both of these people. He has listened, mentored and guided me through the process of starting my own legal practice and helped set me on the path to running a successful business.

Most importantly, Duncan has helped me sort through the million thoughts and ideas racing through my brain, and taught me how to turn them into a plan.

Catherine Moyse – Principal

Lisa Samuels

I started to work with Duncan because I was at a turning point in my career. Duncan helped me to reflect on what I had achieved to date and to clarify what I was looking for to move forward.
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This involved preparing for an interview for my dream job. Duncan told me what I really needed to hear and helped me to bring my heart as well as my head to the process which resulted in me getting the job.

Thank you Duncan.

Lisa Samuels

Not long ago, I was working in a full time job and pursuing my passion in my spare time. I had always dreamed of leaving my job to work on my business full time but fear always got the better of me.
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I discovered the SAYES program (South Australia Young Entrepreneur Scheme) in early 2015 in which Duncan is one of the mentors available. Duncan gave me the encouragement and guidance that I was seeking in order to quit my job and live the dream. Any problems that evolved, Duncan was there to help through the process. I am now working full time on my business with a plan to grow.

Kate Sugars – Bluebelle Studio

I was at a cross-roads with my business and was getting myself confused with my direction.
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Duncan started asking me questions about my business and what were my core values. He dug deep into why I started my business. Many of the questions, I remember saying that I didn’t know the answer. Duncan’s answer to that was that I in fact did know the answer, I just wasn’t looking in the right space.

I started to refine my thinking and taking charge of my direction. I knew what I wanted my business to look like but I was more concerned about how others would see it. I consolidated and simplified my goals whilst being true to myself and my style.

I actually did know the answers but I just didn’t know where to find them.

Louise Bagger – Owner


As a result of attending a workshop run by Duncan, we realised we had become people who were acting as employees not as business owners.  We were confident Duncan could help us in the journey to become the business owners we had envisaged when creating our business plan all those years ago.

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In working with Duncan, he encouraged us to always find our own answers to the challenges we face.   We developed an understanding of why we are passionate about the business.  We were motivated to define our roles and intentions for the business.  In this way we renewed our passion for the business and learned a better way to communicate with each other, the team and our family.


The outcome from the coaching is that we are acting as business owners, who can communicate about what is needed now as well as into the future.  We have a clear vision about who we are and why we want to continue in business rather than work for someone else.  Our vision for the business is clear and defined.  We know whilst it is not essential to have all the answers, it is vital we understand and enjoy the journey.

Cathy & Justin Lunnay – Business Owners

I have spent the last 12 months being coached by Duncan, and with his guidance I am taking control of the direction in which my business is growing.
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The funny thing is, I didn’t realise what was really important to me until Duncan opened my mind and made me focus on what I wanted to achieve as a mum, a wife, a friend and a business woman.

The way Duncan challenged my way of thinking has opened my mind to the realisation as to what is critically important to the way I run my business. I cannot thank him enough for his criticisms and encouragements, even though at times some things were a little hard to hear- it was exactly what I needed.

I am continuing my relationship with Duncan and would encourage all others to allow him into your work life- as I can honestly say that he will open your mind to a whole new world of how you can achieve your dreams.

Kelsie Prowse – Business Owner

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The funny thing is, I didn’t realise what was really important to me until Duncan opened my mind and made me focus on what I wanted to achieve as a mum, a wife, a friend and a business woman.

The way Duncan challenged my way of thinking has opened my mind to the realisation as to what is critically important to the way I run my business. I cannot thank him enough for his criticisms and encouragements, even though at times some things were a little hard to hear- it was exactly what I needed.

I am continuing my relationship with Duncan and would encourage all others to allow him into your work life- as I can honestly say that he will open your mind to a whole new world of how you can achieve your dreams.

Kelsie Prowse – Business Owner

I met Duncan at a few events in Mount Gambier and when he held a workshop about whether small businesses need a website, as a web designer I had to go along:-)
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The workshop wasn’t what I thought it would be (I was hoping to pick up a few clients) but I enjoyed it and accepted an offer from Duncan to meet for coffee. The coffee lasted over 2 hours (I don’t think that happens often) and I received more information and thought provoking stuff than I have in some of the day courses I attended.

That was several months ago, and when Duncan left another coaching firm to set up on his own I went with him.

Was I looking for a business coach? Kind of. I had created my business but I wasn’t really enjoying it. Which is kind of daft when you think about it! I hadn’t put any strategies in place for my business long term and I was looking for answers.

For me, I have achieved clarity about my business, my business model (is not the same as every other website designer and I don’t want it to be), and he keeps me on track. He challenges my thinking and my words. I am enjoying my business now and clients are finding me easily.

If your business isn’t where you want it to be, contact Duncan.

Karen Leslie – Business Owner

I firmly believe in growing my own knowledge and expertise by sitting at the feet of others that are happy to share the benefit of their experience. Duncan, as a Business Coach, was an obvious choice for our existing business and also on a personal level.
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Duncan is by nature a very positive person. By questioning and encouraging me to look within I was able to identify or affirm my personal goals, motives, skills and fears.

We had considered opening another retail store. Duncan instilled in us the confidence to step out of the meeting room and finally take action.

I have felt more confident and empowered as a result of Duncan’s guidance. He encourages self-determination and self-assessment. He energises and galvanises self confidence. We contribute much of our success to Duncan’s competent business coaching. His services are an important investment for any business owner.

Di Taylor – Owner

After being self employed for many years and really floundering. I was fortunate to go to a seminar where Duncan was speaking. We arranged for him to be my coach, and from his first visit, my business really turned around.
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He was practical, and gave me the confidence I needed to make quite drastic changes. Duncan is down to earth, practical, and helps me to work through why I think things I should or shouldn’t do. My income has dramatically increased, I am much more professional and my clients love the changes I have made.

Duncan is excellent value, and I highly recommend him.

Rebekah Gibson – Owner

When I engaged Duncan as a business coach, my business was under serious financial stress. Being involved in team sports all my life, the idea of a business coach made sense to me.
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The thought of bringing in a coach, when under financial stress would have been very easy to dismiss. However, I was involved in a partnership that had become quite testing so I really had no one else to discuss my business at depth with.

During my sessions with Duncan, we concentrated on topics and projects that would make a significant difference to my survival.  As a result, I better understood the problems I was facing & was able to make better decisions on the best strategies to survive.

I was very much handcuffed to areas of my business that didn’t make money, while struggling to spend time where I should have been, being to generate more income.  Duncan was able to make me realise that I needed to concentrate on the areas that would give me a much better chance of survival. He taught me that a lot of things were not worth the worry.

Six years on & I’m still here. The importance of one on one coaching remains an important part of my business.

Daniel Grosse – Business Owner

One-on-one coaching for me has been a very positive experience. I have come away with a completely different perspective on my business, how it could run and what it could become, but also on a personal level I better understand how I operate, my incentive for success and things that can be road blocks for me if I enable it.
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My coaching sessions re-ignited my passion for change, re-charged my creativity and renewed my confidence in pursuing my dreams.

Thank you Duncan for your generosity, your time and your gift.

Melissa Stephenson – Owner