During coaching conversations with clients about growing their business and the hurdles they face in achieving that growth, the following will often emerge:

  • The team lacks focus
  • The team is doing heaps of talking but not listening to each other
  • The brand or market profile is not clear
  • The culture is not unified and consistent

Culture, marketing, communication and focus are clearly very diverse parts of any business. The challenge for any business to achieve growth is that the discussion must encompass all of these areas.

For a business to be successful in the long term it must establish a clear position about what you do in the mind of the public generally and your prospective clients specifically. It is no longer sufficient to just be well known – you need to be known for something. What that could be is up to the business to determine and it could cover a multitude of things such as quality, low prices, great customer services, high levels of technical expertise, fast service or some speciality like sourcing rare or obscure products.

Before starts to plan for growth, the questions, therefore, a business must answer are:

  • What makes your business different from your competitors?
  • Why should prospective clients choose your business over others in market overloaded with information?

At the Fireside Conversation you will be introduced to tools that will help business owners & leaders define what they do such that they can focus on developing & implementing the strategies for achieving sustainable growth.