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Aligning Aspiration in Business and Life

With the alignment of heart and mind comes the ability to create a business that supports the life to which you truly aspire. Dare to Dream is here to help you discover your passion, find your own solutions and ways to align your values and aspirations.

How I Help /

To Focus On Your Purpose, Reignite Your Passion and Inspiration!

For over 12 years I have helped business owners achieve clarity of purpose, enabling them to focus with confidence on aligning their aspirations in business and life using the “Dare to Dream” framework.

From a place of empathy and understanding, I guide my clients to delve deeper, clarify their true passions and uncover new ways to create a business that supports a more fulfilled and inspired life.

Dare to Dream will empower you to make the choices needed for you and your business to truly shine.

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My Process /

Dare to Challenge, Dare to Believe, Dare to Change

I will use the “Dare to Dream” framework to empower you to act on the available choices to create a life full of passion and inspiration. By listening to the power behind your words with empathy and understanding, I help you develop the right foundation to align your business and life – identifying what you must do to create the business and life you desire.

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Dare to Challenge

Dare to challenge the accepted norms and assumptions.

Dare to See

Dare to see what is working and what is not working in your business and life

Dare to Experience

Dare to experience the potential of your vision and dreams to inspire you to act.

Dare to Rethink

Dare to rethink where you add the greatest value to your business.

Dare to Create

Dare to create a business that supports the life you truly aspire to!

My Experience /

Business Coach & Mentor

Like many people when I was starting my career, I had no real idea or clear plan on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

After leaving school, I went to university and graduated with a Bachelor of Economics. From there I pursued a career in accounting that led me to work for leading accounting firms across three continents. Whilst I achieved great success with these firms, I was very aware that a career in accounting was not my true passion. As a result, I commenced the search for a career which would ignite my passion to live a more fulfilled life.

What followed was a diverse career spanning more than 30 years, working with a range of dynamic and complex organisations in both the commercial and not for profit sectors. Throughout this time, I struggled with many of the same thoughts and emotions you may be experiencing now.

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted
  • Working harder than ever for less return
  • Unsettled with the direction my career was going
  • Unsure of my purpose
  • Continually doubting the choices I was making
  • Frustrated with not knowing what the next steps were

Facing up to and dealing with these thoughts and emotions provides me with great insight, empathy and a true understanding of the struggles you are facing in business and life. My passion is to utilise my experiences to empower you to clarify your purpose and take the necessary steps towards a more inspired and fulfilled life.

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Success Stories

I am excited about embarking on a journey of professional and personal growth.  I’m still in disbelief that you have allowed me the opportunity to engage with your services to help me make that happen! I know that this isn’t going to be easy, I must push past my level of comfort if I’m going to achieve my goals and… Read More

Morgan Davis - Business Owner

Duncan and I met when I was participating in a start up business program. Prior to our first meeting, I was given a heads up by the programs coordinator, “Duncan can be very tough so let us know if you would like a different coach”. Working with Duncan for the last 3 years is a testament to his genuine drive to… Read More

Rebecca Greco - Business Owner
Nourish Adelaide

“My work life has involved a variety of work roles, however until I retrained as an Allied Health provider, I had mostly worked in management.  I had not owned my own business until 2014, when, after retraining as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, I began providing services as a sole trader.  For the first 18 months I operated my business from… Read More

Glenys Williams - Business Owner
EP South

“I started my business 3 years ago and really wanted to grow a successful business that would also be sustainable for me to run and nurture for the long term. The coaching sessions with Duncan were very helpful in defining what my successful business model would look like.   I enjoyed the challenging conversations that led me to think differently about… Read More

Cindy Bunt - Business Owner
The Post & Rail

“Having started my business approximately 1 year prior, I realised I had limited knowledge of business strategy – and limited confidence in building a brand. Meeting with Duncan changed many areas of this for me, as I went from feeling like a small fish in a big pond to being a capable forward thinking business owner! Duncan’s meetings brought great… Read More

Pam Reid - Business Owner
Equitation Science Coaching

“Wow…what was to be a 30-minute meeting with Duncan over coffee, ended up being 4 coffees and 2 hours of great discussions on where I want my business to be…not where I see it now but where I want it to be.   Duncan has a way of drilling down to find out what is stopping me from being the best… Read More

David Walsh - Business Owner
Budget Printing SA

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