A Handwritten Note Is Special

I grew up in a world where handwritten notes & letters were par for the course.  I still remember the sense of fun & excitement I experienced when a letter arrived in the letterbox.

The world has evolved to where the way we communicate with each other is through using e-mails, text, and other messenger platforms.  Do not misunderstand me, these are an efficient and effective ways to communicate with each other and I use them on a regular basis.

My point is these methods are not as personal as a handwritten note or letter.  In world where any handwritten communication is becoming a rarity, I believe sending a handwritten note will be more valued and appreciated than any form of electronic communication.  A handwritten note feels special.  It helps build relationships and leaves an impression.

The other amazing thing is that handwriting letters is good for you!

Numerous studies have shown writing improves our memory and ability to communicate.  As you choose the words, organise your thoughts and construct sentences, your mind is active and growing stronger.

In addition, by writing down our thoughts and feelings there is a measurable positive effect on our mental well-being.

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