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Earlier this month Andrea & I made the emotional decision to put our family’s beloved black Labrador to sleep.

In the weeks leading up to that decision, I purchased over $100 worth of dog food online from Pet Circle.  Since the pet food was unused, I contacted Pet Circle about returning it.  To my pleasant surprise, Pet Circle, without question, agreed to refund the full value of purchase.  What was even more surprising, rather than return the food, they requested I donate it to a local dog shelter.  I subsequently donated the unused food to the RSPCA.

I thought no more about it until later that week, Pet Circle sent a handwritten card expressing sympathy for the loss of our beloved pooch. I was amazed and delighted that an online retailer, such as Pet Circle, would take the time and effort to show care and concern about our family loss.

This was a fantastic demonstration of outstanding customer service.  If I purchase another pet in the future, I will definitely use Pet Circle to purchase pet supplies. Such simple gestures so amazed and delighted me, I will be loyal to Pet Circle going forward.

My question to you is…how have you & your business amazed and delighted your clients recently?

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