Being Committed to a Cause

When discussing with a business owner about the business and life to which she aspires. it came to light that even after three years of successfully trading the business she was still working in a part-time job.  When I explored the reasons for this, she explained she enjoyed the certainty of receiving a weekly wage package given there was a level of uncertainty around the future of the business.

I respond to this explanation with the story of Hernan Cortez, who in 1519, led an expedition of 600 men to conquer the mighty Aztec empire.  When they arrived, he gave the order to burn the boats.

In this way Cortez was able to get the “buy in” from the rest of his men.  He took away the option of failure.  It was a simple equation…conquer and enjoy the spoils of victory…or DIE!  The result Complete & Total Commitment to the cause.

To be successful, business owners must possess the same “BURN THE BOATS” mentality to achieve the required level of motivation and commitment to reach the pinnacle of success.

I pointed out the wage packet was a crutch and an excuse which was preventing the business owner from committing 100% to the business.  It was stopping her from having the required BURN THE BOATS mentality.

If the business owner was truly committed to creating the business and life to which she aspired, she must leave the regular pay packet behind and commit to the business full time.  In this way, with the focus being on one option, there is only one aim, and one goal which was to be successful.


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