Build on the Foundations of the Past

Over the past week, I had the chance to chat with two business owners who operate in completely different industries. Both told me about the pain they were in resulting from the mountain of debt their businesses had piled up while they were busy chasing their long-held goals.

But you know what? I decided not to buy into their stories.

My goal in that moment was for them both to step back and take a moment to appreciate and celebrate what they’d achieved. It was a chance for them to recognize that they’d finally reached the finish line of a journey that had taken them years to complete.

Once those celebrations were complete, I encouraged them to shift their focus to what lies ahead for their respective businesses. Where is the next exciting chapter in their business journey going to take them?

Creating and wholeheartedly embracing a new and thrilling goal for their businesses will give them a clear context for dealing with the debt they’re facing. The excitement of working toward this fresh goal will infuse meaning and direction into their lives and reignite their passion for what they do.

For me the coaching conversation was about getting the business owners to switch gears from dwelling on current financial challenges to charting a course toward new and dynamic goals. This shift in perspective transforms challenges into stepping-stones toward a brighter future. By looking ahead and setting their sights on new goals, I believe these business owners will be able to channel their entrepreneurial spirit to drive their businesses to even greater success, building on the foundation of their past achievements.

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