Changing Perspective

In my view there are three ways people use the time available to them being:

  1. Personal time
  2. Family time
  3. Business time

 How people divide up their time is a personal choice, which is a choice they make each & every day.

I regularly hear business owners griping about being overwhelmed by the hours they are working in the business leaving them little time to chill out with the family.  The funny thing is the same business owners went into business dreaming that being in business would allow them to spend more time with the family.

In contrast this week, I had a conversation with a business owner, who lamented he was spending too much time with his two young children, which was taking him away from working in the business.  He wanted to have a conversation about how he could spend more time working in the business.

I refused to buy into this story.

I set out to change his perspective.  Instead of stressing about not spending enough time in the business, I wanted him to be grateful for and value the time he was spending with his young children.  He needed to appreciate and enjoy the Family time instead of seeing it as a roadblock to the business.

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