Finding My Purpose

My journey to find a purpose in my life came from the following beliefs:

  1.     My purpose was out there just waiting for me to discover it;
  2.     Once I discovered my purpose, it would be fully formed and neatly packaged; and
  3.     From that moment, I will achieve success as it will be easy to deal with anything my world tosses up.

In reflecting on my journey, these beliefs were in fact myths that were holding me back from finding my purpose.

In fact, I only found my purpose when I looked within myself to:

  • Feel the connection between what I am doing and my deeply held values & beliefs as to who I am as a person;
  • Pay attention to my emotions as they are an indicator of what is profoundly important to me; and
  • Take a long-term perspective about the journey I am on.

The approach I therefore encourage business owners to find their purpose is through:

  • MAKING and GROWING what is important to them
  • Listening to what their EMOTIONS are telling them
  • Focusing on the LONG-TERM and CONNECTION

Dare to Connect

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