Follow Your Heart

During a recent conversation with a business owner, he expressed great frustration that despite developing a plan to create the business to which he truly aspired, he was constantly not making the time to implement that plan.

When I explored the motivations of the business owner, his prime motivating factor was creativity. He was passionate about finding creative solutions to his client’s problems, and loved pursing an interest in art, music and languages.

With that in mind, I asked to him to reflect on the plan he had developed to change the business.

As the business owner quietly contemplated the plan, I saw a look on his face which showed there had been a light bulb moment!

The moment was that whilst the plan was logical and sensible, it lacked heart & passion. He needed to go back to redraft that plan, not so much for the content, but to reframe the plan as a renaissance for the business such it was something he truly aspired to create.

The lesson from this conversation is that whatever the heart decides to do, the head will always follow.  The reverse, however, is not true.

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