Follow Your Passion

I took a phone call from a client in the past week, who wanted to provide an update about the business.

The client explained that since signing the contract to build a purpose-built premises, they had been on a roller-coaster of emotions. They were dealing with re-designing the premises due to cost over-runs, disputes with service providers and building delays due to supply chain problems. While this was happening, there was business pressure caused by the lack of staff to service an ever-expanding client base. The client was highly stressed and was starting to question their desire to stay the course.

Notwithstanding these feelings, the most encouraging thing was that the client rang during a break from “racing” her beloved Mustang at 200+km per hour around the track at the Bend. The client knew the best way to recharge the batteries to face the challenges ahead was to pursue her great love in life being the need for speed.

I encourage every business owner to take the time to reflect on when there are high levels of pressure in business would you take time out to pursue your passions in life.

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