Hearing Another Voice

In my Insights post on 21 April 2023, I outlined my conversation with a couple who were looking to exit a business they created and worked in for the past 40 years.  The conversation was about developing a plan that allowed them to use their fears about the future without the business, to drive them to create the life to which they truly aspired.

In the past week, I checked-in with the couple and was delighted to hear they were in the process of implementing the plan to exit the business.

In discussing these developments with the person who referred the couple to me, he expressed surprise that after one conversation with me the couple were committed to exit the business.  Even though he had been talking with the couple about their exit strategy for the past four years, they had taken no action to implement that strategy.

In my view, this a classic case of people hearing the same message repeatedly from the same voice resulted in them tuning out from the message.  Hearing the same message from a new fresh voice with a different perspective allows the listener to reflect on, absorb and act on that message.


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