How to achieve balance

For the past 18 months, I have been having conversations with a business owner about building a successful business in her niche market while balancing that success with being a mum and a wife.

Our last conversation, however, went in a totally different and unexpected direction.  She advised she is being sounded out by a national player in her niche market to join them as the head of that business area for Australia.  Whilst she was extremely flattered by the approach, she was struggling with knowing how to respond.

It was clear to me my client wanted to have a conversation with the national player about what was on offer.  I encouraged her to reflect on the outcomes she was wanting to achieve in her business and her life.  Our conversation focussed on how the position on offer will deliver her desired Commercial and Cultural Outcomes.

From a Commercial perspective, my client desired to achieve a level of financial independence where she did not feel under pressure when making choices in key areas of her life such as housing, holidays, and education.

From a Cultural perspective, my client desired to work in an environment where she felt respected and valued and there was an emphasis on achieving a balance between business and life.

From this conversation, my client created a framework to commence a transparent & authentic discussion with the owners of the business as to whether the position on offer would be able to balance these two potentially conflicting outcomes.


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