In Search of a Coach

Throughout my career as a business coach & mentor, I have had the privilege of collaborating with four different coaches.  Each of these collaborations has contributed significantly to my personal and skill development, ultimately enhancing the value I bring to my clients.

In recent weeks I  embarked on a search to identify my next coach.  My primary objective is to invest in a person to provide a fresh perspective and to raise different ways to approach  business.  I am looking for that person to challenge me to maximise the wealth of knowledge and experience I have accumulated as a business coach & mentor.

To be candid, the search has been a challenging one.  Many of the people I am encountering are promoting year-long group programs tailored for business owners who are looking to significantly scale their businesses.  These programs do not align with my current needs & objectives.

What the search has confirmed  is my belief in the importance of selecting a coach who possesses not only exceptional knowledge about business but also a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by business owners, both personally and as a business owner.  The qualities of empathy and insightful guidance stand out as pivotal criteria when making this crucial decision.

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