Living Your Values + Beliefs

One topic which comes up regularly during my conversations with business owners is about building the culture in their business.  The culture is created by not only what the business owners say but their actions in the business.  Thus, the culture will be created from the top and filter down.

This is illustrated by the standard of behaviours that are expected in a business.  This standard will be set by the worst behaviour the business owners are prepared to tolerate.  My experience is that business owners struggle with applying this concept in the business.

I was thrilled when one of my clients, who runs a successful vet practice, sent me irecently the following self-reflection about living her values & beliefs in the business:

“With a vet shortage in the area, I hired a locum for 3 weeks to help out.  After about 1.5 weeks, her behaviour was creating lots of cranky clients & frustrated staff so I met with her today & terminated the contract.

 The practice will suffer next week being a vet down, but I’m looking after my clients and my staff. I can hear you saying “don’t think about what you’ll lose if she goes, but what she’ll cost you if she stays.”  So, she’s gone!”

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