Recruiting in a candidate tight market

Most business owners with whom I am having conversations are optimistic about the future growth of their business. However, each laments the biggest challenge they face is finding the quality staff to fuel that growth.

From what I reading & hearing both in the press and from business owners, is we are living with a highly competitive job market for quality candidates. In fact, one of my clients complained they received no applications from appropriately qualified candidates when they advertised a full-time position.

When discussing how to deal with this challenge, I encourage business owners not to be passive while waiting for the job applications to flow in but instead take these following actions:

  1.      Have a conversation with as many people as they can within their business & social networks that they are looking for a person to fill a position within the business;
  2.       Actively reach out to people in their industry, who they believe would be ideal for the position; and
  3.      Encourage their existing team members to seek out people who could be interested in the position. Consider offering them a bonus if the person they introduce joins the team.

I am interested in hearing about how you are dealing with the challenge of finding suitably qualified candidates to fill vacant positions in your business.


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