Taking Back Control

In the past week, I met with a tradie, who was experiencing significant work-related stress due to the demands of his successful business.  The business was dominating his life to such an extent it left little room for other important things in his life.  He was looking for help to regain control over his business to ensure it was serving his broader life goals.

During our conversation we delved into the priorities in his life beyond the business.  It quickly became clear he cherished the idea of taking his daughter to kindy at least once a week.  To accommodate this, the first business appointment on that day would need to be scheduled after 10.00am.

At the end of our conversation, the tradie committed to the following specific actions:

  • Discuss with his daughter his intention to take her to kindy at least one day a week:
  • Stop taking business bookings before 10.00am on those days; and
  • Re-schedule any business bookings that clashed with the commitment to spend time with his daughter.

Later that day, the tradie sent me the following e-mail:

 “I have taken a lot of value from our discussions and appreciate you challenging me to take back control. I am pleased to let you know that I have followed through with my commitment to blank some time out with my daughter. 


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