Taking the Plunge

As 2023 draws to a close, I have been taking time out to reflect on what I have done well and where I need to improve.  One thing that has stood out this year is how the power of a story influences the way business owners see themselves and their businesses.

During my reflection, I was reminded of a client who was unsure as to whether he would take the plunge & pursue his dream of becoming an entertainer after a successful career in sales & marketing.  It was in this context I shared the following story about the Acapulco Cliff Divers:

There is a group of professional high divers based in Acapulco, who dive from cliff heights of up to 6 metres. 

 When making a dive, they must start the dive when they see rocks at the bottom.  This is a heart-stopping moment for they are relying on the waves rolling in to fill the landing space before they hit the water.

 But there is a kicker, the divers cannot control the ocean.  So, when they are preparing for the dive, they are not looking down at where they will land.  Instead, they are looking out to predict the movement of the ocean such that it fills the space into which they are diving.  The divers are relying on their knowledge and skills to make each dive safely, for  that is what they can control!

 I shared this story with my client to reinforce that he had the skills and knowledge to achieve success as an entertainer.  The real challenge was for him to have the confidence to use those talents even when he had no control over the outcome.

The cool part?  My client took the plunge and is now running a successful entertainment business.

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