The Stepping Stones to Success

In the past week, I had an illuminating conversation with a manager who aspires to become a partner in a professional services firm.

As his commitment to become a partner became clear, I posed the question as to whether he has had a conversation with the partners about his aspirations.

The manager confirmed he had an initial conversation with the partner to whom he reported. The outcome of that conversation was for him to design the framework/plan for admission as a partner.

I expressed my surprise at the vagueness of the response and queried if that was all he was told. The manager confirmed it was and he was struggling with what to do next. Hence the reason for our conversation.

I suggested he should have another conversation with the partner to define the pathway to join the partnership. The conversation should start by setting the date on which he aspired to become a partner. With that date in mind, he should seek clarification from the partner as to both the financial and non-financial requirements for admission as a partner.

Once the steppingstones along the journey to admission are clear, he will be able to measure his progress to achieving those requirements. Thus, the manager will be able to develop a plan for both his professional and personal development.

The steppingstones to create his future is clear!


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