Make Time to Start Working on Your Business

One of the things I get a real buzz from doing what I do is when a client leaves a conversation and takes action to implement what we had talked about.

At the start of a recent conversation  with a  client, he apologised for not taking the actions we had agreed upon during our previuos conversation.  He lamented he was spending too much time working in the business, there was never any time available for him to work on the business.

As a result, we talked about implementing a simple technique I use in my business, which is before booking any appointments with clients and or the team, book a time in his diary to work on the business.   The client was excited by this and at the end of the conversation took out his diary and booked in planning time for later in the week.

Given the way the conversation started, I was sceptical about whether my client would spend that time on planning for the future of the business.

My buzz came several days later when in response to an e-mail to my client, I received the following:

Hi Friend

I’m currently in a business planning time block until Monday.

During this time, I will be working on implementing strategies to help continually improve my business.

If this sounds like something you haven’t done for a while, I highly recommend it! I find if I don’t set aside the time, it doesn’t happen.

During this time, my replies may be delayed but rest assured I will get back to you as soon as I can

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a great day!


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