Time to Stop trying to be Rambo

I posted previously that a report by the World Health Organisation and the International Labour Organisation concluded that:

“Working 55 hours or more in a week is a serious health hazard.”

When I raised this finding with business owners most agreed they were working more than 55 hours in a week but for a variety of reasons saw this as an essential part of making the business a success.

My riposte was that in such circumstances the business owner was a ‘slave’ to their business.  I have yet to meet a business owner who established their business with a view to working excessively long hours. Most talk about creating a business that will allow them to work fewer hours with less stress meaning they will have the freedom to spend more time with the family and to improve financial security.

Clearly there is a disconnect between what the business they aspired to create and the reality of running a business.

The business owner, to create the business & life to which they truly aspire, must first stop thinking they are Rambo when it comes to dealing with the challenges of the business.   They must accept they need help.

One of the ways to get help is to engage with a business coach who will challenge their thinking by providing a fresh perspective about where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there.

Act before it is too late as life is passing you by!


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