What I Measure is What I Will Get

I am always fascinated when over a short period, the same issue recurs in a number of coaching conversations.  This happened recently when in the space of two weeks, the conversation with three clients covered how each of those business owners were measuring the success of the business.

For each of those owners, the measure they were using to judge whether they were successful was the balance in the bank account.  As it turned out at the time of our conversation, the balance in the bank account was low, which meant they felt they were not successful!

I pointed out this should not be a measure of success as their feelings about the business will move up and down as the balance in the bank account moves up and down.   My proposition is that the balance in the bank account is a measure of the activity in the business not a measure of its success.

I suggested there were other metrics they could use to measure success in business + life such as:

  • The number of clients/prospects you served
  • The value you created for your clients/prospects
  • The number of people  you connected with
  • The number of proposals you sent out
  • Time spent with your partner and your children
  • Time doing things in your life you are passionate about

In the end, I believe what you measure is what you will get.  However, you must make sure the measures used are aligned with the business & life you aspire to create!

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