Who is Your Lamp Post?

In a conversation with a prospective client this week, I was asked to describe the benefit I will bring to them as their Business Coach & Mentor.

In response, I asked them to imagine a business owner leaving the business at the end of a long day, walking across the road, and talking to the nearest lamp post.  In that moment, the person will talk about their triumphs, despair at their failures, vent their anger and contemplate what the future might look like.   The person walks away from the lamp post feeling much better about their business & life having had the opportunity to talk about their day.

Now imagine that lamp post is a real person, your Business Coach & Mentor, who is actively listening to what you are saying and will talk back to you…

  • to provide empathy & understanding
  • to challenge what you are thinking & feeling
  • to bring a fresh set of eyes
  • to help chart the journey to create the business & life to which you truly aspire.

Working with a Business Coach & Mentor will enable you to reflect deeply and creatively about issues that are important, and where you can be truly honest, both to the coach and with yourself.  Those conversations will turn a vague sense of direction into a strong sense of purpose.

Who is the lamp post in your business & life?


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