Why use a Copywriter?

As my refreshed website goes live on Monday 28 June, I took time out to reflect on my journey in creating the website.  My biggest reflection was that the most challenging part of the journey was to write the copy for the website.

When I initially sat down, full of enthusiasm, to finally have an opportunity to communicate my message about business coaching and mentoring, I found I drew a blank.  All the words and phrases I had been stockpiling for months about what I wanted to say just seemed to vanish before my eyes.  Whilst I did end up writing plenty of text, that was re-written several times, I did not feel it truly captured who I am and what I do.

The feedback was that as I was living and breathing every aspect of being a business coach & mentor, I was writing the copy from my perspective not from my clients.  I was too close to write objectively about what I am doing and the impact I have as a business coach & mentor.

As a result, I invested in a copywriter to write the copy for my website.  The copywriter brought an objective outsider’s viewpoint about me & my business.  With a fresh set of eyes, they created copy that identified the key points about who I am, and what I do in a way that will be of interest to potential clients.

I believe the copywriter did a fantastic job for when I read the copy I hear myself saying those things to both my clients and prospects.  I am excited to receive feedback about the copy when my website goes live on Monday.


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