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Searching for a Career to
Ignite My Passion

Like many people fresh out of school, I had no real idea about or clear plan for my future.  With no clear plan, I enrolled in the University of Adelaide graduating with a Bachelor of Economics.  From there I entered the work force with a large accounting firm to begin the ‘climb up the corporate ladder’. Whilst I was admitted as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts of Australia & New Zealand, I realised that a career in accounting was not my true passion.

Embarking on a search for a career to truly ignite my passion I worked in high-profile positions within a range of dynamic and complex organisations across three continents, including cities such as London, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Adelaide. In addition, I served with distinction on several not-for-profit boards and committees.

It is this wide range of business and life experiences which helped me realise my true passion; coaching other people to understand the journey they were on and how to create a future they are passionate about.

As part of re-aligning my aspirations in business and life, I undertook further studies, being a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Development), to help me better understand how people and businesses can effectively interact to create positive outcomes.

My wide range of experience in business together with my studies has led me to a time in my life where I am living my purpose as a Business Coach and Mentor – being able to help business owners align their aspirations in business and life such that they have the confidence to implement sustainable changes to create the business of their dreams.

Over my journey in business and life, I struggled to deal with many of the same thoughts and feelings you may be experiencing now.  As a result, I have a true understanding and empathy of the situation in which you find yourself in business and life.

Over the past 12 years, I have utilised my knowledge, my experience, and my skills to help business owners find their true purpose and to take the necessary steps towards living an inspired and fulfilled life.

Dare to Dream

If you are ready to dare to change, dare to believe and dare to grow, I am confident Dare to Dream will help you make the changes to live a life full of purpose.
Contact me for a no-obligation discussion on how I will help you create this reality for you.

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