When I am in conversation with clients about what makes them stand out in a crowded & noisy marketplace, I am often asked to provide a real-life example of how an understanding of the concept of positioning can work to assist the business.

In response, I provide the example of my conversation with the owner of an irrigation supply business that was complaining about missing his children’s school sport on Saturday morning as he will be working in the retail shop.

In response, I posed the following series of questions to the business owner and his responses are in italic:

  • What is your core product? Irrigation equipment & service
  • Who is your market? Owners of rural properties with a requirement for large scale irrigation solutions
  • When do you generally deal with these people? Monday to Friday
  • Who shops for irrigation supplies on weekends? People who need assistance with irrigation at their homes
  • Where do these people shop? Mostly at the nearby Bunnings

Suddenly it was as if a massive light bulb went off on in the business owners head – I don’t need to be open on a Saturday as my client base will rarely if at all come to the retail store on a weekend especially when I provide 24/7 emergency support. Those people who do shop for irrigation supplies on a weekend are not my market and would not come to the store anyway as they will be shopping on price.

The outcome – the retail shop has not opened on a Saturday since that conversation!

At the Fireside Conversation you will be introduced to tools to help business owners & leaders understand what makes them stand out in a crowded & noisy marketplace and how to apply that understanding to ensure that their business not only survives but thrives.