Showing me what was truly possible

“Having started my business approximately 1 year prior, I realised I had limited knowledge of business strategy – and limited confidence in building a brand. Meeting with Duncan changed many areas of this for me, as I went from feeling like a small fish in a big pond to being a capable forward thinking business owner!

Duncan’s meetings brought great humour, challenges to my old thinking and beliefs, and new insights for my next steps forward. I thoroughly appreciated being able to connect with Duncan in-between our scheduled meetings and that Duncan addressed any challenges I had along the way. It was not always plain sailing! Duncan was not afraid to tell me what I needed to hear and brought me to a new level of awareness and action.

The work with Duncan pushed me forward in my business with the decisions I made. Without his work, I would still be stuck with the same limited thinking, holding myself back. Thanks, Duncan, for many laughs along the way and for showing me what I was truly possible of achieving.”

Dare to Connect

Are you ready to re-discover your passion, re-align your actions, and create a business that supports the life to which you truly aspire? Contact me for a no-obligation discussion on how I will work with you to make this a reality.

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