Where I want my business to be

“Wow…what was to be a 30-minute meeting with Duncan over coffee, ended up being 4 coffees and 2 hours of great discussions on where I want my business to be…not where I see it now but where I want it to be.   Duncan has a way of drilling down to find out what is stopping me from being the best at what I do.

For the price of a couple cups of coffee, I was able to understand my mindset in a different way. Whilst I have read and listened to many speakers on self-development and understanding what you must do to standout, I ended getting me more from sitting down with Duncan for a couple of hours than those speakers.

If you are looking for a friend to guide you, Duncan is not that person.  On the other hand, if you want a coach that asks you the questions that your family and friends won’t, Duncan is that coach.  He will help you and your business as helped me.”

Dare to Connect

Are you ready to re-discover your passion, re-align your actions, and create a business that supports the life to which you truly aspire? Contact me for a no-obligation discussion on how I will work with you to make this a reality.

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