Able to make better decisions

“When I engaged Duncan as a business coach, my business was under serious financial stress. Being involved in team sports all my life, the idea of a business coach made sense to me.

The thought of bringing in a coach, when under financial stress would have been very easy to dismiss. However, I was involved in a partnership that had become quite testing so I really had no one else to discuss my business at depth with.

During my sessions with Duncan, we concentrated on topics and projects that would make a significant difference to my survival.  As a result, I better understood the problems I was facing and was able to make better decisions on the best strategies to survive.

I was very much handcuffed to areas of my business that didn’t make money, while struggling to spend time where I should have been, being to generate more income.  Duncan was able to make me realise that I needed to concentrate on the areas that would give me a much better chance of survival. He taught me that a lot of things were not worth the worry.

Six years on and I’m still here. The importance of one on one coaching remains an important part of my business.”

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